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For managing Compliance, 3rd Party Assurance, or stream-lining information security in your tender processes, Harmony is the Answer.

Get the most from your investment by using our services to tailor Harmony to the way that you like to work.

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New innovations from Quanta

As our customer landscape evolves and the needs of our customers change, we respond by creating new systems and products to streamline their business and provide new ways to get exciting data and insights to save time, money and improve operations in all areas that our solutions are used. When you begin using your first Quanta solution you’ll wonder how you ever did things without it and quickly realise that what we do is laser targeted at removing your problems and saving you time and money.

Easy to use software for managing third party
assurance, governance, compliance and more - Quanta sets the standard.

Enjoy all these great benefits and more:

Get set up and running very quickly

Quanta software is provided as 'Software as a Service' meaning that you can be up and running very quickly. You are assigned your own dedicated server in our tier 3 data centre and Harmony can be provisioned in less than a week - so you can be up and running as soon as you need to be.

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Elegant triage facility

Our software includes such features ass an outstanding, flexible and elegant triage facility. When suppliers are entered into Harmony they are automatically triaged into high, medium and low in terms of potential risk to your business. This means that, when you start to quantify and mitigate your business risk, you can manage your suppliers more efficiently.

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All the data, in one place

Pull together all elements of third party assurance projects. All the data is in one place and there is a single version of the 'truth'. Every person involved sees only what they need to see to do their job. IT risk teams, business owners and suppliers all access the same data, but see only the slice of data that is needed to perform their role.

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Real-time assurance

Measure and manage third party risk. As you use Harmony to manage your third party assurance project, Harmony will show you, in real-time, the effect of your actions. Harmony will show you the number of suppliers that have moved through the system, the risks that have been identified and the risks that have been mitigated.

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Quanta Software pays for itself

Harmony's integrated set of processes for managing supplier risk saves time and money. On average, our clients save the cost of one person per year by using Harmony, and save the equivalent of ten weeks per year in time on their third party assurance projects. Harmony pays for itself.

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